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South Coast Welding Academy is an industrial trade school offering various welding technology programs that are designed to provide comprehensive hands-on training to prepare students for immediate employment. Currently there is a demand for skilled welders in many industries such as construction, shipbuilding, petrochemical, fabrication shops, pipeline building and repair, and many more. Here at South Coast Welding Academy, we want to help out the workforce by training new individuals to become proficient welders.

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Learn from industry professionals what it takes to succeed in the welding skills trade.

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The main goal of our courses is to get you in the field as quickly as possible so you can start making a living by welding. Contact us today to get started. Se habla español!

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We’re more than just a welding academy

Hire a Welder

Have you ever felt the shortage of qualified welders? South Coast Welding Academy is here to help your company and our students. We can help you staff up for projects by sending you our most talented welders. Most of our students are seasoned welders learning another process (e.g. structrual welders taking Tig Pipe course). Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

Train Your Employees

Do you feel that your employees need to hone their welding skills? Let the professionals at South Coast Welding Academy provide your employees with the right training. Our programs have been designed to give your employees hands-on training and equip them with the skills to become proficient welders. Se habla español.

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