Kayla J. was working a dead-end job after graduating high school. Her father suggested she go to welding school to turn her life around and find something she really wanted to do, but was it for her?

Kayla thought about it for a year, but when she moved to Florida, Tulsa Welding School was an enticing opportunity. She signed up to attend the day she went in for an interview.

The hands-on training was what Kayla found the most value in. She couldn’t sit in a classroom for 5 days a week. Using a torch and playing with fire wasn’t boring, either.

Right after getting out of school and getting hired, she was making $30 an hour, enough to put some money away, buy some furniture, and go on vacation. Now she has her own home, vehicle and campers. She also travels 4 months out of the year for archery.

Kayla’s career will follow her wherever she wants to go. She thanks TWS for giving her the life she now has.

Tulsa Welding School was founded in 1949 by two welders who recognized a strong demand for skilled tradesman in their industry. Over 60 years later, Tulsa Welding School (TWS) has evolved into an educational institution that prepares students for various skilled trade careers with a multitude of specialties and applications. Graduates from Tulsa Welding School are trained to have the knowledge, skills and essential attitude to immediately enter their chosen profession.

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