This site is intended as a resource for welding instructors to share information that will help them better prepare their students for a career in welding.

My name is Gerald Austin and I own and maintain this site as a hobby and resource for myself and anyone else who is interested.

I have been interested in teaching for most of my adult life. I have also always wanted to talk with other welding instructors. I want to know how they do things, bounce ideas off them, and just discuss teaching with them.

This site and others are a result of those interests. Please feel free to always reach out to me if you want to talk about teaching or welding. You just have to remember when to tell me to shut up.

I have been blessed in 2019 to get a job as a High School Welding Instructor and am thankful that The Lord has allowed me to work at my “Dream Job”.

As a new welding instructor, I am full of questions and ideas and hope to grow in a way that will help my students. That is my prime goal!

If you would like to contact me. You can call or text me at 9141481.

Area Code is 423