Combination Welding | Matthew McHugh

“I’m Matt McHugh. I did 10 years in the military. Found out that Tidewater Tech offers certifications.

Each instructor was amazing; they were on a personal level with you. I actually had 3 instructors come into my booth and show me other techniques how to do it.

I’ve actually asked the welding instructors, “Can I stay after?” Just to keep going…sure enough, they said yes. I was there pretty much every day after school for three hours.

Stick welding is a metal rod covered in flux. You actually put that rod into what’s called a stinger. That’s connected to a wire to a machine. Once you actually touch that rod to the actual plate, then you complete an entire circuit. That’s where you get your heat. There’s so many different applications. We actually went through career service, and within one week I got a job interview.

Welding is always gonna live, it will never die. Shipyards always wanna hire a welder, because all their ships are made of steel or aluminum. That’s just shipyards.

Then there’s marinas, hotels being built, buildings, industrial buildings – it’s never gonna die.

They pay for experience as well; it’s a very high paying job. When you put the numbers together, and people know that, hey, I just welded this, and people can stand on it, or work with it – it’s rewarding.

I’m Matt McHugh, the welding fabricator, the shop foreman, the safety coordinator, and the medical care provider for Tidewater Tech.”

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