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Fabrication Classes

South Coast Welding Academy is your go-to source for the best fabrication classes in the local area of Katy, TX. If you are looking to get into a career that will be rewarding and pay well, then we encourage you to contact us. If you enroll in South Coast Welding Academy, then you are sure to learn important skills that will help you earn great money today. Our classes are flexible and taught by some very knowledgeable individuals. You will learn cutting edge material and learn about the latest technology that is being used in the industry.


South Coast Welding Academy takes pride in knowing that we are helping people get the experience needed to earn the type of money that they would like to earn. If you are interested in taking some fabrication classes, then we are your best option to do so. Fabrication is a field that is still in high demand. If you search the job market for professional fabricators, then you will quickly realize that they are hiring new fabricators daily. This is the type of training that you want to have. Forget about the training that won’t get you a job right away.


Our fabrication classes are flexible to allow our students to work other jobs while taking our classes or to give them time to tend to their family and personal life. If this sounds like something that you would like to start or learn more about, we encourage you to contact us and we can get started on assisting you with the enrollment process. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get the skills needed to earn the salary that you have always wanted to earn. South Coast Welding Academy is here to answer all of your questions.