If you like wandering the aisles of Harbor Freight and have wondered if you should pick up one of their welders hopefully this video will help you decide which one to get. Currently I have (4) of their welders, sad I know. Whats worse is i’m not even sponsored by HF, this is all me. I have the 80 Amp inverter arc welder, 125 flux core, Titanium 125 Easy Flux, and 140 Migmax Vulcan. I’ve been pretty impressed with the new line of equipment HF has been putting out. The Hercules and Bauer drills and impacts pretty sweet and could now be compared to Dewalt, Milwaukee, or Makita. That will be in later videos which I’m sure will have a lot of comments. Back to the welders I would say you could easily do a vs with the titanium or Vulcan with a Hobart Handler, Miller 140, or Lincoln 140. Yes you are now paying the higher prices too. If you decide to pick one of these welders up let me know which one you get.

Here are links to the welders and unboxing videos:

Chicago Electric:


Titanium 125: https://youtu.be/36eOiqFM0ls


Vulcan: https://youtu.be/b6CisYAeXs4