Today we take a look at a very inexpensive TIG welder, the Vulcan ProTIG 165, sold by Harbor Freight. We seek to answer the question: is it worth it? For only $679.99, you can start laying beads and fusing steel together.

From Harbor Freight’s website:

The ProTIG™ 165 is a professional class TIG welder that weighs just 20 lbs., making it ideal for field work. Designed with dependability and performance in mind, this TIG welder gives you the ability to do both lift start and high frequency starting. Dual voltage 120/240V input with auto-sense feature gives you the flexibility to weld anywhere you want, whenever you want. The ProTIG 165 is capable of GTAW (DC), GTAW-P (DC) and SMAW (DC) processes over a wide variety of materials including stainless, chrome-moly and ferrous cast materials. Industry leading portability makes the Vulcan ProTIG 165 a perfect choice for onsite maintenance, process piping, food/beverage industry and automotive. Ready to weld out of the box.
DC TIG and DC Stick from a single power source for ultimate versatility
High frequency arc starting for ultimate arc quality
Built-in pulsing for increased travel speeds and minimized heat distortion
Weighs only 20.00 lbs. – ideal for field use
Lift arc starting capable for maximum versatility
Dual voltage technology capable of 120/240V input
Inverter technology for highest quality output and maximum efficiency
120V and 240V power cords are included

Name ProTIG™ 165 Welder with 120/240 Volt Input
SKU 63618
Brand Vulcan™
Input Voltage 120/240
Electrode Size Stick welder uses 1/16 in. to 1/8 in. electrodes; TIG welder (shielding gas is needed) uses 0.040 in. to 5/64 in. tungsten electrodes.
Amperage (amps) 120V: 10-130A (DC TIG) / 10-90A (DC Stick); 240V: 10-165A (DC TIG) / 10-165A (DC Stick)
Application Light industrial applications including: on-site maintenance, process piping, food/beverage industry, aerospace, automotive
Certification CSA
Duty cycle GTAW: 120V: 130A / 15.2V / 25%, 21.4A input, 240V: 165A / 16.6V/30%, 14.7A input; SMAW: 120V: 90A / 23.6V / 25% , 21.4A input, 240V: 165A / 26.6V / 30%, 22.4A input
Minimum amperage output (amps) 10A
Open Circuit Voltage 15V (GTAW & SMAW)
Thermal Overload Protection (y/n) Yes
Weldable metals steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly steel, steel castings
Welding capacities 120V: Steel: 0.020 in. – 1/8 in.;240V: Steel: 0.020 in. – 3/16 in.
Product Height 12 in.
Product Length 15 in.
Product Weight 20.00 lbs.
Product Width 7-1/2 in.
Shipping Weight 51.85 lbs.
Accessories Included Vulcan 140A TIG torch 12-1/2 ft., Gas nozzle (#4, #5, & #6), collets & bodies (0.040″, 1/16″, & 3/32″), 2% ceriated tungsten (0.040″, 1/16″, & 3/32″), Work cable and clamp 10 ft. with DINSE-style connection, 150A electrode holder and cable 10 ft. with DINSE-style connection , Foot remote control, Ar/CO2 flow gauge regulator and hose 6 ft., 120V input cable with plug (NEMA 5-15P) 10 ft., 240V input cable with plug (NEMA 6-50P) 10 ft.
Model VW165-PT

In all, this welder is perfect for entry-level TIG welders that are looking to save money and start welding.

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