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Just your face.

Close! The body of a welding helmet keeps stray metal and sparks from hitting you in the face. But that wouldn’t be much use if it still left your eyes exposed! Try again…

Just your eyes.

Almost! If all you needed to do was protect your eyes, you could just wear goggles. Wearing a whole big mask does more than just protect your eyes. Try again…

Both your face and your eyes.

Correct! The body of an auto-darkening welding helmet protects your overall face, while the auto-darkening lens protects your eyes from the harsh light. Both functions are extremely important. Read on for another quiz question.

Neither your face nor your eyes.

Try again! If an auto-darkening welding helmet didn’t protect your face or eyes, there’d be no point in wearing it. Face and eye protection is extremely important when welding. Try again…