So many questions on what is it like to take a pipe welding test. How critical is a pipe welding test. What is the step by step of welding a pipe coupon. Well you guys in this episode we are bringing you a long to reclaim my papers… So about 6 months ago if you go back far enough I ran into a little streak of bad luck. I caught three welding repairs. Can you say I felt like an idiot!!! I hate repairs in general but to catch three repairs is a sure way to get laid off.so after two years and only one repair bam its all over. So one of the things you have to understand is when it comes to welding for gas companies each gas company has there own way of doing things there own welding procceders. but almost all across the board three repairs equals getting your papers pulled meaning you cant weld for that gas company again and a probation period. so for this test I am coming off a 6 month probation period, oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you. you have to take the complete test over again. Big thank you to the company that I work with for keeping us busy and going. hope you guys enjoy as I bring you a long for a welding test for a real gas company. Be Blessed