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TIG Welding and Stick Welding

Are you tired of working for long hours in a low-paying field with little room for advancement? Does the thought of another week working for an inept boss tie your stomach in knots on Sunday nights? Are you worried about your future and your ability to find stable employment in today’s uncertain job market? Do you want to provide something better for your family? Did you miss out on the opportunity to pursue education after high school or when you were younger? People begin new careers at all ages and for many reasons. If you’re ready for a change and you are considering a career in welding, call South Coast Welding Academy to learn more about training to become a welder.


Whether you are new to welding or you are an experienced welder seeking to advance your skillset, South Coast Welding Academy is your training center of choice for welder education in the Texas City, TX, area. Our students come from all walks of life but share a common goal: a better future through learning a skilled trade. At South Coast Welding Academy, we offer a range of courses and programs. Our up-to-date curriculum includes courses in TIG welding and stick welding and other areas. Our instructors have helped many students quickly move on to rewarding careers.


If you are a resident of the Texas City, TX and you are looking for training in TIG welding or stick welding, look no further than South Coast Welding Academy. We can give you the hands-on training you need to qualify for immediate employment in the welding industry, whether you are hoping for a job in fabrication, the petrochemical field, pipelines, or elsewhere. Contact us with any questions about prerequisites or enrollment, or if you are thinking about coming out for a tour of our facility. We would be happy to help you with anything you need.