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Driving (5 mi.)

Biking (2 mi.)

Walking (1 mi.)

Within 4 blocks

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    Metal Fabricators, Fences & Gates

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    Metal Fabricators

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    Responds in about 1 day

    Fences & Gates, Metal Fabricators

  • Fuzion Welding
  • Brother Welding

    Certified professionals

    Family-owned & operated

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    Responds in about 10 hours

  • Meta Design Manufacturing
  • Humanmade
  • Noah’s Ark Welding

    Responds in about 30 minutes

  • Workshop
  • City College of San Francisco - Evans Campus
  • Humanmade
  • The Crucible
  • Dykes With Drills

    Responds in about 11 hours

  • Zak The Glassblower
  • Young Sparks Foundation

    You can request information from this business

  • CAMP 510
  • Academy of Art University

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Anyone know if a place to take shoemaking classes (besides enrolling at a school/ continuing ed) or other fun classes? Welding, for example? Willing…

Is Anybody Around???

chris, i don’t! i get rejected and hit on by men all within the same hour! life is so confusing….. nah, i’m taking it at the richmond art center.…

Cool things for kids to do

A while ago, I discovered a fabulous place called “The Crucible”. Its a non-profit org that offers classes in all kinds of hands-on and what some…