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Welding Classes and Courses

Are you good with your hands? Do you want a career with a steady paycheck, a promising future and room for advancement? Are you interested in learning a skilled trade but you’re not sure where to begin? When it comes to skilled trades, there are many training programs to choose from. As some students have sadly discovered however, not all institutions provide comprehensive, high-quality education. Maybe you are thinking about becoming a welder but you aren’t sure you can find a reliable training program in the Freeport, TX area that suits your needs and schedule. Fortunately, you have an excellent option in South Coast Welding Academy. The welding classes and courses at South Coast Welding Academy are designed to quickly prepare students with the skills they need for immediate employment. Take the first steps in your welding career by contacting one of the friendly team at South Coast Welding Academy with your questions about enrolling in one of our programs.


If you are looking for welding classes and courses in the Freeport, TX, area we encourage you to call South Coast Welding Academy to learn more about our facility and curriculum. Whether you are a previously trained welder interested in expanding your skill set, or a newcomer to the welding industry, South Coast Welding Academy has a program or course to suit your needs. We invite you to join our ranks of successful graduates.


Welders are in high demand. Companies in the petrochemical, pipeline and fabrication industries among others, have vacancies for skilled welders who are both new and experienced. Give your career a boost by starting or advancing your training by becoming a student at South Coast Welding Academy. Don’t hesitate to call us with your questions about enrollment, prerequisites, tuition, instructors or anything else. We are committed to customer service and would be happy to help you.