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Welding School

Do you have career skills that are in demand? Do you feel like you are you going nowhere in a dead-end job? Are you satisfied with your paycheck and lifestyle? Do you want a change, but you need more training and the thought of going to school brings back nightmares of unfair teachers and stressful homework deadlines? Have you been considering learning a skilled trade for some time, but are concerned about disrupting your life and your family’s life? The decision to pursue training in a skilled trade such as welding shouldn’t be made lightly. You have a lot to think about. Education can be expensive and time-consuming, and choosing the wrong school can leave you worse off than when you began. Fortunately for residents of the Humble, TX area, South Coast Welding academy is here to provide high-quality, comprehensive education in various areas of welding. We have a reputation for successfully preparing our students for employment. Our training programs provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to begin or advance their careers in the welding industry.


Are you tired of getting excited about job postings only to find that you lack the necessary skills and training? Are you an experienced welder searching for a welding job in the Humble, TX area and you want to add to your marketable skill set? Are you already trained but you need to refine or refresh your skills and knowledge? Do you need training in flux core welding so you can expand your employment options? At South Coast Welding Academy, we specialize in graduating job-ready students from our various programs and courses. Whether you require training in flux core welding or another welding process, we can help provide what you’re looking for. Contact us with your questions or to schedule a tour of our facility.