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Welding School Near Me

Were you laid off last year from your warehouse job after years of employment? You’ve been trying to find work in your field, work you have plenty of experience for, but only low-level, underpaid jobs are popping up, and often they’re telling you that you have too much experience. Perhaps you’ve decided to embark on a new career as a welder and you’re googling ‘welding school near me’ right now.


Are you thinking of shifting careers into a more specialized by related field that requires training and is on demand? This way, you’ll be an on-demand employee and an asset to whatever job you land after training. You’ve decided to become a welder, and now you’re looking for the best welding school in your area.


Are you in Pasadena, just ready to start out in the world on a career path, and you want something that’s hands on, stable, and in high demand? Perhaps now you’re looking for a ‘welding school near me’ that will give you the training you need to become a master welder in order that you can take any welding job — whether it be in a shipyard or on an oil rig. Look no further than South Coast Welding Academy in Pasadena for all of your welding education.


We here at South Coast Welding Academy have all of the necessary courses to put you on the right path to obtaining your welding license in the state of Texas and beyond. We have both a 120-hour program and a 160-hour program that can be completed during the day or in the evenings, whichever suits your schedule. They cover everything from Plate FCAW to Pipeline API 1104. We have advanced courses for those who’ve completed the basics or want some advanced training and we open our courses to beginners as well as those who’d like to come back and learn the new technology. We also have an eight-hour practice test for those who’d like to brush up before the welding test. We’re open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 9 pm.