Welding School Supplies
Are you thinking about enrolling in a welding program or school?
In this video Frank is going over all the tools / supplies you will need

suggested tools:
timberland boots https://goo.gl/gTVKhk
overalls https://goo.gl/NftbGJ
fr wear Shirt https://goo.gl/HjkOVz
welding/ work apron https://goo.gl/VDZEIy
welding jacket https://goo.gl/1CGZCF
Miller welding mask https://goo.gl/GzxDhe
Kobalt welding hood https://goo.gl/PAosev
angle grinder https://goo.gl/rWW5VC
wire wheel https://goo.gl/evQcfx
tool bag https://goo.gl/U6vCe2
clamps https://goo.gl/1r3sia
magnets https://goo.gl/XJYqAR
m3 n95 https://goo.gl/07ZShL
earplugs https://goo.gl/HOY0BQ
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